How do I purchase a Caller Ringtone?

Choose a Caller Ringtone and click 'Buy' to purchase.

Can I purchase Caller Ringtones on my mobile phone?

Yes. Just choose any of the channels to buy Caller Ringtones from your phone:

  • UMB Menu: Dial *131# to receive an interactive music menu.

  • SMS: SMS GET <Content Code> to 29000. Eg. GET 123456.

  • Direct: Dial *131* <Content Code> # . Eg. *131*123456#.

What are Caller Ringtone packages?

You will get more than one Caller Ringtones for a single price. Now that's what we call value-for-money. The number of Caller Ringtones and songs you will get depending on the package that you choose. Price also differs between packages. Check out our exciting packages here.

How much does it cost?

For Caller Ringtone packages:

  • RM3 per month for 5 songs.

  • RM5 per month for 3 songs. At least 2 of these 3 songs will be refreshed every month on your behalf to ensure your callers are always listening to the latest music when they are calling you.

For a single Caller Ringtone, it costs RM3 for first month. Subsequently, renewal is at RM2 per month.

Will my Caller Ringtones or Caller Ringtone packages be renewed automatically?

Yes, they will be renewed automatically on monthly basis (every 30 days).

Will I get any reminder before renewal?

Yes, you will receive an SMS reminder 3 days before the renewal date.

Will I be charged for the reminder?

No, the reminder is free.

Can I choose to renew on a weekly basis instead?

Weekly renewal at RM0.50/week is only available for Hotlink users. To switch, just go to Manage CRT.

How can I stop this service?

Go to Manage CRT or dial *131# to delete all your Caller Ringtones.

How can I manage my Caller Ringtone(s)?

Log in and go to Manage CRT.

Which of my Caller Ringtones will play when someone calls me?

If you have more than one Caller Ringtone, they will be played at random order. The good news is that you may also create your own preferences or settings. You may set specific songs to play to a specific caller or a caller group at specific timing or days of the week. Check out how you can set your preferences here.

How long is each Caller Ringtone?

Each Caller Ringtone is 30 seconds long and will be repeated after each play.

Can I set my Caller Ringtones to play for different callers or at different time?

Yes. Just go to Manage your Caller Ringtones and check out these available settings.

  • Set by Caller: Set specific Caller Ringtone to play for a specific caller.

  • Set by Group: Set specific Caller Ringtone to play for a pre-defined group of callers

  • Set by Time: Set specific Caller Ringtone to play either on weekdays or weekends

Will I be charged for Caller Ringtones that have not been set to play?

Yes, if you choose to keep the Caller Ringtone(s) in your list, charges will still incur.

Can I choose which Caller Ringtones to be switched to weekly renewal?

No. Switching to weekly renewal will apply to ALL your Caller Ringtones (except for Caller Ringtone packages).

I've bought a Caller Ringtone package for artist A. When refreshed, will the new songs belong to artist A?


I've bought a Caller Ringtone package of mix artists. When refreshed, what are the new songs provided?

We will pick songs of the same language and genre when refreshing it. This is to ensure that your music tastes are met.

Can I choose which songs to be refreshed in my Caller Ringtone package?

No. Songs are determined by our group of music connoisseurs.

Can I choose the new replacement songs for my Caller Ringtone package refresh?

No. Songs are determined by our group of music connoisseurs.

What is Caller Ringtone grab?

This is a feature that allows you to 'grab' & purchase a Caller Ringtone you hear playing while calling your friend immediately or later.

How do I 'grab' a Caller Ringtone?

When you hear a Caller Ringtone you like:

  • Press '1' if you want to 'grab' and purchase the Caller Ringtone immediately. You will receive an SMS to confirm and proceed with the purchase, OR

  • Press '2' if you want to 'grab' and purchase the Caller Ringtone later.

I have grabbed a Caller Ringtone but not purchased it immediately. How can I purchase it later?

Go to Manage your Caller Ringtone to make your purchase after you have grabbed a Caller Ringtone.

What will happen if I've grabbed but do not purchase the Caller Ringtone?

Grabbed Caller Ringtones will be listed in your Caller Ringtone Grab list for 7 days. If no purchase is made within this time, the songs will be cleared from the list.

Is there any charge for grabbing a Caller Ringtone?

There is no charge for grabbing a Caller Ringtone.

What is Caller Ringtone Gift?

You may purchase a Caller Ringtone as a gift to your friend and loved ones.

How do I purchase a Caller Ringtone as a gift?

Choose your Caller Ringtone and click 'Buy'. At the pop-up box, choose 'Give to someone' and enter your friend's mobile number before you proceed.

Can I gift a Caller Ringtone to anyone even on other telco networks?

No. You may only gift a Caller Ringtone to someone who is also a Maxis/Hotlink subscriber.

Can my friend decline the gift?

Yes. An SMS will be sent to your friend to accept or decline your gift. If your friend did not accept or decline within 24 hours, the gift will be considered accepted.

Who will be charged for Caller Ringtone Gift?

The sender will be charged for the first month. Subsequent monthly renewal fee is charged to your friend.

Will I be charged if the gift is declined?


I am currently still on the old Caller Ringtone subscription model (subscription before 17 December 2007). Can I buy new Caller Ringtones without switching to the new model?

Sorry, no. You will be switched automatically once you buy a new track.

Can CRT be played while roaming?


What is Caller Ringtone (CRT) DIY Package?

DIY CRT Package is a CRT package where user can choose the song they want to be played randomly for their callers. Each package has 3 default songs.

How do I subscribe to a CRT DIY Package?

The DIY CRT package can be subscribed through these channels:

  1. Music Unlimited website at www.musicunlimited.com.my

  2. UMB channel:

    • Dial *131# and select CRT DIY Package.

    • Dial *100# and select Entertainment *200# > Music.

    • Dial *200# and select Music.

  3. Direct purchase with CRT DIY Code: Dial *131*5*DIYCODE#

How much does it cost?

The CRT DIY package is at RM3/month.

Can I purchase more than 1 CRT DIY Package?

No. User is entitled to subscribe to 1 (one) CRT DIY Package.

How do I manage my CRT DIY Package?

Dial *131# and select Manage CRT > CRT DIY Package or visit www.musicunlimited.com.my

Can I change the CRT DIY Package that I've just purchased?

Yes. You have a one (1) time option to change the CRT DIY Package within the 1st month purchase only.

Can I replace the songs in the CRT DIY Package?

Yes. You are given five (5) attempts to replace the default songs. You can choose the song that is available in the CRT DIY Package only.

Can I have more than 3 default songs?

No. There will only be 3 songs playing randomly for a CRT DIY Package.

Can I delete 2 songs and only have 1 default song?

Yes. Minimum song in package is 1 and maximum is 3 songs.

Will the song list be refreshed?

Yes. The song listing in the CRT DIY Package will be refreshed on every 1st of each month.

Will my default songs be refreshed?

No. Your 3 default songs will still remain during the song refresh. You will have to manage the song change. This is to ensure you have the song that you want.

If I've used 3 attempts to change the songs this month, do I have 2 more attempts for next month song change?

No. You will have 5 (five) attempts to change your songs for each month. If you have used 3 attempts, the remaining 2 will not be carried forward to next month.

Will the CRT DIY Package be renewed automatically?

The CRT DIY package is auto-renewed on a monthly basis.

Will I get any reminder for the renewal?

Yes. You will receive an SMS 3days prior to the renewal date.

Will I be charged for the reminder SMS?

No. The SMS is free.

How can I stop this service?

Visit www.musicunlimited.com.my or you can do it from:

  • Dial *131# and select CRT DIY Package

  • Dial *100# and select Entertainment

  • Dial *200# and select Music > Manage CRT

Can D.I.Y. Packages be played while roaming?