Contest Details


Concert Venue: Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur
Concert Date: Saturday, 1 September 2018
Concert Time: 7:30 p.m.

  1. in order to take part in Music Unlimited Contests.

  2. Participants must subscribe to Caller Ringtones below and keep them active;

    1. Ru Guo Yu Zhi Hou. Dial *131*585163#
    2. Nian Nian Feat. Ann Hsu. Dial *131*585841#
    3. Kuai Le Yi Ci Yong You. Dial *131*575962#

  3. To increase your chances of winning, subscribe to as many Caller Ringtones as you can from the song listing, or send it as a gift to your friends and family.

    Participants must keep all Caller Ringtone active in their playlist.

Terms & Conditions

To send a Caller Ringtone as a gift, dial *131*(CRT CODE)*(YOUR FRIEND’S/ FAMILY’S PHONE NUMBER)#. (eg. *131*314934*60123456789#)

Sender – RM3/ Caller Ringtone
Recipient – Subsequent renewal RM2/month.

Caller Ringtone – RM3/download, subsequent renewal RM2/month. Hotlink customers can opt for RM0.50/week renewal. (Dial *131# and select manage CRT)

Grand Prize


1 x A pair of CAT 1 Eric Chou 22PLUS 2018 Asia Tour Tix

Second Prize


1 x A pair of CAT 2 Eric Chou 22PLUS 2018 Asia Tour Tix

**All images are for illustration purpose only.

Ru Guo Yu Zhi Hou 如果雨之后

Eric Chou 周兴哲

Nian Nian Feat. Ann Hsu 黏黏 Feat. 许玮宁

Eric Chou 周兴哲

Kuai Le Yi Ci Yong You (Kinder Bueno Theme Song) 快乐一次拥有 (健达缤纷乐 主题曲)

Eric Chou 周兴哲

Yong Bu Shi Lian De Ai (Demo) 永不失联的爱 (Demo)

Eric Chou 周兴哲

Ni, Hao Bu Hao? 你, 好不好?

Eric Chou 周兴哲

Without Her

Eric Chou 周兴哲

Ai Zai Shen Bian 爱在身边

Eric Chou 周兴哲

Yi Hou Bie Zuo Peng You 以后别做朋友

Eric Chou 周兴哲

Xue Zhe Ai 学着爱

Eric Chou 周兴哲

This Is Love

Eric Chou 周兴哲