Contest Details


  1. in order to take part in Music Unlimited Contests.

  2. Participants must subscribe to Caller Ringtones below and keep them active;
    1. Yan Shang 验伤 by Janice 卫兰. Dial *131*554786#
    2. Suo Wei De Ai 所谓的爱 by Xiao Yu 小宇. Dial *131*563970#
    3. Ya Ba 哑巴 by Will Pan Wei Buo 潘玮柏. Dial *131*574639#
    4. Jiu Zhe Yang 就这样 by Ronghao Li 李荣浩. Dial *131*571634#

  3. To increase your chances of winning, subscribe to as many Caller Ringtones as you can from the song listing, or send it as a gift to your friends and family.

    Participants must keep all Caller Ringtone active in their playlist.

Terms & Conditions

To send a Caller Ringtone as a gift, dial *131*<CRT CODE>*<YOUR FRIEND'S/ FAMILY'S PHONE NUMBER>#. (eg. *131*987654*60123456789#)
Sender - RM3/ Caller Ringtone
Recipient - Subsequent renewal RM2/month.
Caller Ringtone - RM3/download, subsequent renewal RM2/month. Hotlink customers can opt for RM0.50/week renewal.(Dial *131# and select manage CRT)

Grand Prize


1 x Apple iPhone 8 (256 GB)

Second Prize


1 x G-Shock GA110

Third Prize


1 x Janice?s Autographed Photocard

**All images are for illustration purpose only.

Yan Shang 验伤

Janice 卫兰

Suo Wei De Ai 所谓的爱

Xiao Yu 小宇 (宋念宇)

Ya Ba 哑巴

Will Pan Wei Buo 潘玮柏

Jiu Zhe Yang 就这样

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

Yi Ge Ge 一格格

Janice 卫兰

Tian Di 天敌

Janice 卫兰

Cha Ban Bu 差半步

Janice 卫兰

I Don't Know, I Don't Care

Janice 卫兰

Chuan Hua Hu Die 穿花蝴蝶

Janice 卫兰

Shi Lian De Yi Yi 失恋的意义

Janice 卫兰