Contest Details


Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium - Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: Saturday, 15 February 2020
Time: 8:00 PM

  1. in order to take part in Music Unlimited Contests. Non registered contestant will not be eligible for prizes.

  2. Participants must subscribe to ALL Ronghao Li's Caller Ringtones below and keep them active;

    1. Nian Shao You Wei. Dial *131*602172#
    2. Er Duo. Dial *131*610626#
    3. Ma Que. Dial *131*647102#
    4. Xi Ju Zhi Wang. Dial *131*439623#

  3. To increase your chances of winning, subscribe to as many Caller Ringtones as you can from the song listing, or send it as a gift to your friends and family.

    Participants must keep all Caller Ringtone active in their playlist.

Terms & Conditions

To send a Caller Ringtone as a gift, dial *131*(CRT CODE)*(YOUR FRIEND’S/ FAMILY’S PHONE NUMBER)#. (eg. *131*314934*60123456789#)

Sender – RM3/ Caller Ringtone
Recipient – Subsequent renewal RM2/month

Caller Ringtone – RM3/download, subsequent renewal RM2/month. Hotlink customers can opt for RM0.50/week renewal. (Dial *131# and select manage CRT)



1 x A Pair of VIP tickets to Ronghao Li If I Were Young World Tour

**All images are for illustration purpose only.

Nian Shao You Wei 年少有为

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

Er Duo 耳朵

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

Ma Que 麻雀

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

Xi Ju Zhi Wang 喜剧之王

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

Wang Pai Yuan Jia 王牌冤家

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

Nian Nian You Bu Wang

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

Pin Qiong Huo Fu You 贫穷或富有

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

Yue Taun 乐团

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

Wo Zhi Dao Shi Ni 我知道是你

Ronghao Li 李荣浩

ChengChang Zhi Zhong Liang 成长之重量 (电影动物世界成长版片尾曲)

Ronghao Li 李荣浩